Monday, February 2, 2015

five chip

*Cameron came down with a bug this past weekend and is spending one last day at home today before going back to school. We've had some marathon Harry Potter reading times, which we've both equally enjoyed. It's been nice to have an activity that can occupy so much time considering he has been on the couch most of the past few days. Sickness aside, it sure has been nice for me to dote him :)

*For February's, "Cookie of the Month" for the kids' teachers, I chose a recipe my sister had highly recommended. I must admit, these cookies are pretty amazing. They call for five kinds of chocolate chips! However, since I didn't have butterscotch, I subbed crushed pretzels, which worked out great!! Wow.

*Our health insurance went up almost $100 per month. I guess we still can't complain too much since we've been paying FAR less than previous years (due to the Affordable Care Act). That is still quite a jump, though. :(

*Kendall and I went to my parents' for the Superbowl while Chris stayed back with Cam. I didn't care about watching (sadly Chris DID care, but didn't get to much because of Cam), but it sure is a bummer that we had to be so quick with the remote in changing the channel. Commercials are so non-kid appropriate now. :(

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Anonymous said...

When I think about how short a time ago it was when you didn't have to worry about raunchy TV shows or commercials being on, it makes me both sad and disturbed at what's on now. I couldn't click the remote fast enough Sunday when the promos for "Fifty Shades of Gray" came on. Had to jump up and swivel the TV. I don't even have words for how destructive and polluting that book series and movie are. And here it was for all ages to see.