Friday, February 20, 2015

the "B" word

*Every single morning I drink a cup of hot chocolate. I make it myself using water as my base. This past weekend, Chris' mom introduced me to chocolate almond milk. It adds such a yummy flavor. She even sent me home with a carton. :)

*The other night I tried a new recipe, Chicken Parmesan Muffins. They had a lot of flavor and I loved that I could stuff a whole box of spinach into the batch and the kids really liked them!

*The kids' Taekwondo promotional month ended, however we have decided to continue it for Cameron. Some of the lessons he has learned so far have already shown us that this could be a REALLY good tool for him(social-wise, confidence-wise, etc.). Kendall enjoys going also because we sit outside reading books with a special snack (usually popcorn). :)

*Last night Kendall and I were talking about a birthday party she has tomorrow. She said, "But mom, there might be the "B" word...BOYS!!!" :)

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Jessica said...

What would you rate the muffins? Were they very labor intensive?