Tuesday, February 24, 2015

legoland or bust!!!

My sister was able to obtain some free Legoland tickets. We had been very excited to use them. This morning we all squeezed in the car and took off!

Um...did you know Legoland actually closes some days during their "off-season"? Well, we didn't. After two ours of driving we found out that today was one of those days. Wow. :(

The kids actually were so amazing about it. I really was impressed. Luckily the aquarium was open so they could at least enjoy that for about an hour. Afterward, we decided to head down the road to the beach. The kids had a blast. It was nice and warm and deserted. :)

We literally had NOTHING for the beach. No towels, blankets, etc. I'm sitting on a grocery sack I had in the car. :)

After the beach we found a frozen yogurt shop down the road.

We made the best of the day and ended up having a great time. We sure learned our lesson about checking the website before we go! Who would have thought an amusement park ever closes??? :)


Anonymous said...

This will definitely become one of those stories remembered often as the kids grow up! You did a great job of making lemonade out of lemons!

Jessica said...

So sad! I wouldn't have thought it would close! Glad you at least still had a good day :)