Sunday, December 4, 2016

cell phone or hair flip?

*Yesterday morning's advent was to decorate a gingerbread house.

*The kids love eating any meal by the Christmas tree. Last night we ate did a fury friend. :)

*When we were all in Carlsbad over Thanksgiving, we had quite the family debate regarding this picture from an L.L. Bean catalog. We were split half and half as far as whether or not the girl in the picture is talking on a cell phone or flipping her hair. My claim was that she was on the phone. I thought it was simply a sign of the times that even on an outdoor apparel catalog, a girl would be holding a phone since nowadays people are NEVER without their phones, even in the glorious outdoors. Well, I actually called the catalog and...I was wrong. However I still maintain it looks like she is... :)

Look closely....doesn't that look like a phone??? :)

*After church today my parents came over for lunch. We recently got an early Christmas present from Chris' parents in the form of a new barbeque. Chris wanted to try it out and I think he is officially a huge fan. :) Here he is explaining it to my dad.

*Today Chris and I were talking about Christmas albums we listened to as kids. For me, whenever I hear songs from these albums, I think of my childhood because we listened to them a lot!!


Ana said...

😂 I love that you called about the catalog.

Ana said...

Also just noticed you updated your profile. 👍🏼

Anonymous said...

You called the catalog???? And reached someone who could tell you??? That's pretty unusual. :)

I'm going to have to dig out that Garth Brooks CD. I remember one song where he says he's going home to see his mama! :o)