Thursday, December 1, 2016


*Advent started today in our house. Basically each morning I put a 99 cent store trinket or note (explaining an activity they'll do or a special breakfast they'll have) in the kitchen for them to discover when they wake up. This is eagerly anticipated every Christmas. However this morning I realized an epic parent fail when Chris asked Cameron why we do advent. Cam answered that he didn't know. Yikes! We explained that advent is our way of doing little celebrations each day to lead up to the BIG celebration of Jesus' birth.

*Made these last weekend. I have not made them in years and forgot what a yummy recipe it is. I've never been a huge fan of Rice Krispy Treats, but these are completely different.

*We've started watching, "Kevin Can Wait". It's not the funniest show in the world, but Chris and I were huge "King of Queens" fans, so it's fun to see Kevin James in another show. 

*I finished the new Gilmore girls on Netflix. I got teary throughout and wasn't disappointed. :)

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