Saturday, November 26, 2016


Thanksgiving with my parents took place last Tuesday. We spent the morning decorating our house for Christmas, then headed over to my parents for the feast. :)

The next morning we headed down to Carlsbad. Chris' aunts have a time share that they very generously used on us as well as Chris' brother's family. We had such a wonderful time. It was relaxing, the weather was perfect, and we had such a great time with the family. Some highlights:

The weather was actually warm enough for swimming. This was a big bonus for the kids and they went in each day.

 Right next to the pool was the arcade. They spent a lot of time here as well.

On the first night, I took the four cousins down to the pool area where they had a looming class. Basically there were a couple of resort staff who gave a lesson in making loom bracelets. The kids really enjoyed it.

Each morning the four of us walked down to the main lobby, where they had a hot chocolate machine. The kids really enjoyed pushing the buttons and getting their own drinks.

The mornings were very relaxing in our condo. They started out about 5am for Cameron. Fortunately he was able to sneak out into the living room and watch TV until the rest of us got up. On this morning, Chris had left earlier for golf. The kids watched TV in the living room and I watched a Hallmark Christmas movie (woohoo!) in our room. :)

Yesterday the dads took the kids to the movies. Afterward they went to Fry's (electronic store) and killed some time before getting pizza to bring home for dinner. While they were out,  Rebekah and I got to watch two full episodes of the newest Gilmore Girls. We were not disappointed and it was fabulous to be back in Stars Hollow!

THANK YOU, Noonie and Deb!!!


Jessica said...

Glad you had such a great time! Sounds fun and relaxing! Also nice that the weather was so great.

Nice that 5:00 am for Cam didn't require you getting up :)

I bought Ethan a rubber band loom for Christmas last year and it's amazing how entertaining it's been!! He has made sooooooo many things with it all year long.

Jessica Hekman

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous time that Noonie and Deb made possible for all of you!