Friday, November 11, 2016


*For the past few years we have been cable free at our home. It's just an expense we decided wasn't absolutely necessary. It has never been a big deal until the Christmas season rolls around. I miss my Hallmark movies. :( Sadly I won't get to see any this year since the only time I watch is when we are at my in-laws (and we won't be spending Christmas there this year). Luckily my MIL always saves them for me so they will eventually get watched, even if it's in June! Ha!

*On Wednesday Chris took the kids to a movie and then I met them for dinner. We tried a new pizza place that was, so. But the company was worth it. ;)

*I recently took both kids for an orthodontist appointment. Surprisingly Cameron is still in a holding pattern and isn't ready. But Kendall? She's good to go and we have her X-ray appointment this week. She is OVER THE MOON excited. :)

*We let the kids eat dinner in the living room while we watched the election coverage on Tuesday. Kendall wasn't too enthused. Cameron was more into it...mainly because of all the fancy graphs and huge charts we were being shown. :)

*Cam and I recently checked out the latest Harry Potter book. It isn't quite as relaxing to read. It's written in play form, so I have to change it as I read it to make it flow. It's still fun to be back in Potter world, though. :)

*I really can't emphasize how much of a mood boost Christmas music is during my workday. I sit down to type a report and as soon as those earbuds go in, I'm set!!I was also super excited that our local radio station (103.5) started their non-stop Christmas music this week!


Jessica said...

So funny, Alayna has only just recently lost her first two teeth. I need to get Ethan in for an ortho consult though. That's great she's excited :)


Haha. At least you've found something that boosts your mood :) Yesterday I was stressed and needed to finish work and relaxing piano music did the trick for calming me down.

Teresa DiMillo said...

That's awesome that Kendall is excited to get braces. At Taelyn's last dentist appointment, the dentist said there is a lot of crowding and she'll eventually be a candidate for braces... She balled. Maybe she can talk to Kendall about it?