Saturday, November 12, 2016

our day

We are currently in the middle of a four day weekend. It is divine!! The kids had Friday off as well as Monday (for parent conferences). I had Friday off and will be taking Monday off. Yesterday we lounged around in the morning and then met some friends at a trampoline park. The kids had a blast.

Don't be fooled, Kendall (and Cameron) were NOT fans of the bull. I think it was a tad painful when they fell off. :)

After the trampoline park we met Chris' brother's family for dinner. Always fun to see the cousins. :) Today Cam and I had plans with my dad for a big hike. Unfortunately my dad got sick. We decided to take a trip instead to Ontario Mills.

(For the record, Kendall IS wearing shorts. Ha!)

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen this afternoon and wasn't in the mood to do anything else cooking related. In the past, I've often told the kids that it's, "Choose your own dinner" night. Well, tonight was, "MAKE your own dinner" night. They (especially Cam) loved this idea. It was quite cute how seriously they took it.

Cam: Costco frozen Chicken Bake, pears, Cheez-its.

Kendall: Peanuts, pears, frozen pizza, homemade granola bar, snap peas. For dessert, she had made some sort of Christmas tree composed of leftover Halloween candy.

What will Chris and I be having for dinner once they are in bed? I bought some Cafe Rio tortillas the other day so we'll make our own burritos and eat while watching a movie we rented, Star Trek Beyond. :)

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Anonymous said...

Your clever "choose your own dinner" night reminds me of Susan's (and yours, I think) "snack plate" night. That's the beauty of kids--create a fun name for something and they'll go for it. :o)