Saturday, December 10, 2016


*Cameron has REALLY been into researching our family tree. He has probably spent a couple dozen hours total over the past few months. He was beyond excited when my aunt, from Texas, sent him some information this past week. :)

*Last night we drove out to have dinner with Chris' family to celebrate our niece's birthday. After dinner we took a few pics out by the Christmas tree.

*Today I took the kids and the quad girls to the library for a Christmas Marionette show. Sadly the marionettes were a no show, but the kids got a free book and jump rope and didn't seem too disappointed. :)

*A friend of mine is so thoughtful in sending pics of Kendall during class events and field trips. It's a little hard for me because it's a reminder that I'm not able to attend school functions anymore (but in the spirit of full disclosure...I was never a fan of chaperoning field trips...ha!). Anyway, it made my day yesterday to get this pic of Kendall on the bus...right after she lost her tooth!

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Anonymous said...

I am pretty impressed by Cameron's perseverence in the family tree department!