Friday, December 30, 2016

we are back

We got back from Germany a few days ago. We had a wonderful time! I'll post pictures once I gather them all together. :)

The past few days have been sooo nice and relaxing for me. We have stayed at home, occasionally venturing out to run errands, which has been just what I wanted as a way to finish our Christmas break.

Our first errand after being back was to Walmart to restock our fridge. Kendall had some leftover Christmas money and was excited to use it. Cameron, after an unfortunate incident (involving his old fish, walking across the street and dropping said fish) was excited to get a couple new goldfish.

Jetlag has been a bit of a beast only in that we wake up super early each morning. Yesterday we headed to Starbucks to work on our thank-you cards. 

I got my usual (Grande-soy-skinny-hazelnut-latte-190 degrees-or "as hot as you can make it") and I let the kids get a donut from next door. I love how Kendall is seven years old and still eats the frosting off her donuts. :)

The last few days have also included the addition of two extra kids at our house. :) The quad girls have been over almost 24/7, even accompanying us on errands.

Wienerschnitzel after some shopping.

Today will be another low key day with a few errands mixed in. We will head out to Orange County on Sunday to celebrate Christmas with Chris' side of the family.

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Jessica said...

So glad you could have some downtime!! We have had down time the past two days two and it has been wonderful, just what I needed as well!