Sunday, February 26, 2017

chickpea blondies

*Last Monday my dad and I took the kids to Mecca. We had done the Ladder Canyon Trail last year with Chris. The kids were excited to show my dad how beautiful it was. :)

*This weekend we had our nieces stay with us for a night. The kids were soooo excited for this and they had such a fun time together. Chris took them all to the new Lego movie yesterday afternoon. When they got home they had, "make your own waffles" for dinner. They were able to put as many  toppings as they wanted. They were surprisingly moderate in their amounts! :)

*The past several times I've attempted coffee, be it at a hotel or with my own maker, it gets gunked up and barely any comes out. Ugh.

*I made these last week (used white chocolate chips) for the kids' school snacks. Cam is so-so about them, but Kendall really likes them. I made the mistake of telling Cam they were brownies right off the bat. I should have lead with, "They are healthy" his expecations weren't too high. :) I think they taste super yummy, considering what they are made out of!!


Jessica said...

That hike looks so fun! I can't wait to hike again without the backpack.

I'm going to try those Blondies... Hoping my kids will like them.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Yes, how we market the "healthy dessert" to the little people is crucial! I think that hike looks fabulous - we want to do it with you when we're there. - Susan