Thursday, March 30, 2017

darn you, jillian

*This morning was my second morning back to my Jillian workouts. The sight of the weights awaiting in me Chris' office (where I work out) is not necessarily welcome. Does it feel good after I work out? I suppose. Overall, I'm glad I'm finally getting back into it. It simply is unhealthy how much I sit during the days when I'm at work. Something active had to happen. :)

(Sidenote: Yes, those are only 2 lb. weights. I'm perfectly content to do the bare minimum. Ha!)

*I went back to work yesterday, but took today off. It just worked better with our schedules and the kids being off this week. We planned a playdate with a couple friends from school. The kids had a blast. :)

*After the playdate, we went to pick up the piggy at my friend's house. Her kids had taken care of him while we went to the desert. It was a happy reunion. :)


*I make the kids have oatmeal once a week for breakfast. They are NOT fans. I think Cam could eat cereal every single day. That and burgers. :)

*Chris' two favorite store bought cookies:

These are super tasty.
I think these have zero taste. 


Anonymous said...

I've never had the first cookies but they look good. The others aren't my faves either, but I will never turn down a chocolate cookie. ;) The kids look taller already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Susan =)

Anonymous said...

Ah, a day at Oak Glen--nothing better! I LOVE living so far away from Los Angeles that we're on the edge of civilization. (Well, maybe not quite)