Wednesday, March 15, 2017

spring time

*Sunday was too warm and perfect of a day not to go on a bike ride. We went down to a Mexican ice cream shop.

*A while ago I heard the phrase, "Sitting is the new smoking"...meaning sitting ALL day long (like at a computer) is terrible for your health. I've realized that that is exactly what I do. I work, then I come home and don't do much at all until bedtime. So Sunday night I got my weights down, cued up my Jillian Michael's DVD, and planned to start back exercising the following morning. "Planned" is the operative word. It never happened and I don't think it will. I've resolved to at least move a little more, so today we went for a walk to the store. It's something I guess. :)

*Who says California doesn't have seasons??? This picture does not do our tree justice. It is beautiful.

*I have not been sleeping much the past few nights. I'm pretty sure it started because I had an IEP  that I had been nervous for. REALLY nervous. I'm hoping it only lasts a few nights. Ugh.

*Chris and I have started re-watching The Office. I forgot how incredibly funny it is. 


Jessica said...

I love the Office... Matt has been saying we should re-watch it too.

I have a wedding I'm photographing Sat and I haven't been sleeping great.... I feel ya.

Anonymous said...

You BET that a walk to the store beats sitting at home after sitting at work! Good on ya!

Anonymous said...

Yes, don't give up on your goal to get back to moving more! =) LOVE your tree! Susan