Tuesday, March 28, 2017

palm springs

We just got back from a fun two nights away. Not only do we feel better about our switch from Vegas to the desert, but it sure was nice having a 45 minute trip home rather than 4+ hours. :)

Kendall created a schedule starting the day prior to when we left. She was very insistent on marking each thing off as it was completed. :)

We found some chairs with a pretty view of the fountains and one of the golf course holes. We had dessert one night and both breakfasts out here. :)

The highlight was obviously the endless swimming. The kids would often take breaks. Here they are reading some of the library books we had loaded up on before the trip.

Kendall always thinks it's a big deal to "snuggle in the hotel bed". We made sure to get some of that in (complete with letting her wear a hotel robe). :)

Not pictured are two nights out to dinner. The first night my parents met us at The Cheesecake Factory. We were able to sit out on their patio and had such a nice evening. The second night found us at Cameron's personal favorite, Red Robin. :) 

We were sad to have to come home, but it was a fun two nights!


Anonymous said...

What a great mini-vacation! And you're right that it's SOOOOO nice to live so close to the desert cities and all those beautiful hotels instead of driving so long to Las Vegas. We loved coming out for dinner.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm glad you made the change too!! And I'm SURE glad that "have fun" was marked off of that list! =) -Susan

Jessica said...

How nice that you could get away for a couple of days together:)