Saturday, March 25, 2017


*I have always bought unscented deodorant. I hate any type of scent. The worst scent is Powder Fresh (blek!), which I was forced to buy the other week because Walgreens was out of everything else.  Every time I got a whiff of myself, it grossed me out! I resisted buying more for as long as I could, but finally couldn't handle it anymore. I broke down and just tossed it today so I could buy some new stuff. :)

*My district's spring break was last week. Since Cam and Kendall's break isn't until next week, I went ahead and worked. I got SOO much done just being able to sit at my computer all day. It made it possible for me to take a few days off this coming week. 

Initially, we had planned on taking the kids to Vegas. There would be SOO many things they would love (Bellagio fountains, Caesar's Palace, etc.). However the more we talked about it, the more we realized that our kids are old enough to notice all the crap that Vegas has to the form of billboards, pictures on taxi cabs, etc. Will they be exposed to this stuff eventually? Sure. But we would rather not be the ones to give them their first exposure.

Anyway, we switched things up and will be heading out to the desert tomorrow for two nights. The kids are beyond excited for non-stop swimming. Today we went to Walmart to load up on SPF, pool noodles, and a new swimsuit for Kendall. :)

*Kendall had a birthday party last weekend. She was over the moon when she hit the jackpot on one of the games. :)

*I love the texture of lima beans and black eyed peas. The grainy dryness is a big turn off for many, but for some reason I like it. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh have fun in the desert!!! Fun choice! Chris brought me a special deoderant from America that I had heard about and am excited to try. I'll have to let you know if it changes my life. ;) - Susan

Jessica said...

I hate that scent of Deodorant too! Lol.

I'm so glad you could manage a few days off with your kids, and that you could be productive last week :)

Anonymous said...

Update: My special deoderant is wonderful!!!! But it smells like coconut - which I love. ;) It doesn't have parabens and aluminum which is super. I should see if they have unscented and gift you some. But really, coconut-smelling armpits are THE BEST!!! - Susan

Teresa DiMillo said...

I've actually STOPPED wearing deodorant all together. It used to make me smell worse. Now I just go au natural, for a while, I was self conscious, but according to Todd and the kids, I smell fine. If it's warm, I use good regular baking soda to keep me dry. Weird, huh?