Saturday, July 15, 2017

party of five

*I like to browse various blogs and this time of year the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is a huge topic of conversation and excitement. I would like it if Target had an anniversary sale. I could get excited because there would be things I could actually afford. ;)

*Yesterday I took the kids to a planetarium at the library. Cam seemed to enjoy it. Kendall reported it was, "Kinda boring." At least it was something to do! :)

*I started watching Party of Five recently. While it's 20 years old, I like having a series where I can get attached to the characters and their story.

*Chris left for Vegas this morning with two of his friends. I went over to Ana's house (whose husband was one of them) and had a great time. The kids swam and even brought their piggies to share. :)

*One of the things I've done recently, in an effort to fall asleep, is listen to a podcast. I really have enjoyed listening to Mike Erre. He has had several guest speakers, which have all been super interesting.

*I keep pushing the thought that I only have two more weeks of summer out of my head. The kids and I have had so much fun together. They are the best little outing buddies, even if it's only going to the library and finding some books on guinea pigs. :) 


Anonymous said...

I sure hope Mike Erre is helping you fall asleep!!!! (Not that he's not good--I just hate that you've lost so much sleep.) :) That's the pits.

Jessica said...

I love that they found books on Guinea pigs!!

I just updated my podcast app and added a bunch of new ones :)