Friday, December 19, 2014

random survey i found online

Household Chore I Actually Enjoy: Cleaning off my countertops. I HATE crumbs on the counters. I'm always bending down to see the counters at eye level to check for crumbs. It's quite satisfying to wipe them clean. :)

Biggest House Disaster: This isn't really at "disaster" status, but we have three sets of blinds that no longer work. Two of them are in the living room, so now one window is permanently closed and the other needs a screwdriver and a stool to change (so it never happens and they stay permanently open).

Before Company Arrives, I Hide: Bills to be paid that I keep stuck to the front of the fridge.

Most Recent Music Download: Dr. Laura podcasts.

The Last Thing I Bought Online: Tickets to Wild Lights at The Living Desert. We went last night with some friends and had such a fun time. It was much better than we had anticipated. :)

*I Hate to Shop For: Shoes for the kids. I always second guess if their toes are too close to the end or not.

*Favorite Family Ritual: Eating by the Christmas tree. The kids LOVE to do this. While it can be a little more messy as we are constantly telling them to eat over their plates, it's still fun.

*I'm Currently Reading: Boys in the Boat


Jessica said...

Loved this post :) Wish we could have gone to the lights thing, our kids would have loved it. Do they do this every year?

Anonymous said...

I love the mental picture of the 4 of you eating by the Christmas tree.

Anonymous said...

That's an easier "prove you're not a robot" thing. That's the new way?