Tuesday, December 23, 2014


*Sunday was a big day for Cameron. We had just finished the fourth Harry Potter book and Sunday was our day to watch the movie. After church he and I came home and got started. The excitement he has over these, "Harry Potter dates", as we call them, is just too cute. :)

*While we watched the movie, Chris took Kendall to lunch and to do some last minute Christmas shopping.

*Yesterday morning as the kids and I were heading out, I noticed a dead cat on our lawn. I gunned it and drove off quickly so the kids wouldn't see it (funny enough, Kendall did see it and wasn't bothered a bit). Chris went out to take a look and the poor thing had gotten in some sort of fight, then got all tangled up in our Christmas lights. Luckily Animal Control came and picked it up before we had returned. 

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