Thursday, December 18, 2014

two teeth one week

*Last night Kendall lost her second tooth in a week.
Kendall: Mom, this is my shaltid tooth.
Mom: Your what?
Mom: Third tooth? No, it's just your second tooth.
Kendall: No, my SALTY tooth! Because it tastes like salt! (I love her lisp!)
--There was more blood with this tooth...hence the salty flavor. I didn't tell her that, though.

*Yesterday's Advent was a note telling them that we would bake/decorate Christmas cookies after school.

*Kendall's Christmas performance was the other night. What a doll.

 *I have been looooving not working out. However even after two weeks, I cannot seem to get my body to sleep past 5:00. It's so annoying. I'm sure by the time I can push past that hour, I'll want to get back into working out, making it THAT much harder to get up.

*Thanks, rain! That was a nice couple of days but you can go away now for a few months! I'm partially kidding because I know we need it. :)

*Chris and I watched the second Anchor Man the other night. Overall it was super dumb, but I'll admit there were several parts I laughed out loud...a lot!

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