Tuesday, December 2, 2014

nightmare before christmas

*My sister has asked me why I like to sub in high school, considering the attitudes I'm often met with. Among several reasons is the fact that I get out early quite frequently. Like yesterday, for instance, I was done with kids by 12:00, yet still got a full day's pay. Many teachers have prep periods at the end of the day, making it so I get to skip out early! Totally worth it because I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything at home. :)

Sidenote: I started this blog post yesterday and am not sure I have the same feelings I just shared. While I may have had a great/short day yesterday, the last two periods of my not-short day today were horrible. I threatened to take away the phone of one kid, and let's just say that I will NEVER mess with those kids' precious little phones again. Holy cow. It was ROUGH. However, I should say that I'm pretty good at appearing unaffected by punks like him....when my insides secretly are in knots. :)

*Chris has implemented a new rule for me. Whenever I roast veggies, I have to also light a candle. I will admit that cabbage, in particular, is exceptionally stinky. :)

Peach Mango was the scent of the day:

*The dollhouse we bought Kendall a couple years ago (that I was SOO excited about) lost its appeal very shortly after her birthday. She was actually excited when I told her I wanted to get rid of it since it was just cluttering up her room. I sold it for $15 more on Criag's List than I previously paid. Score!

*Today marks a week since I last worked out. Each morning when I wake, snuggled in bed, I glance at the clock and the darkness outside and I tell myself I'm going to take December off. Yep, I think that's a good plan. :)

*I must admit that despite getting plenty of show options through Netflix/Hulu, it still is a bummer that I can't watch my Hallmark Christmas movies this season. Luckily my MIL always records them for me so that I can watch them when we go and visit.

*I want to go back to last week's weather when this was my view from our back window:

*Nothing better on a rainy day than a movie. Right now the kids are watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. I held off for a while when they would see it on Netflix, but it's actually quite harmless and not scary at all.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, the dollhouse that we were all SO excited about! Oh, well, that's great that you made money on it.

I still find it hard to believe that the taxpayers spend billions of dollars on education for kids to go to school and learn...that elementary teachers are held so accountable for every instructional minute in their day...but that high school students are often allowed to text their friends and listen to music during class time. If I were a high school teacher, I might not "fight the battle of the cell phone" either if the school policies are lax on it. That could be a losing battle for a lone teacher. But I don't think the oolicies SHOULD be lax. I....oh, somebody stop me!!!