Sunday, November 30, 2014

belated thanksgiving

Yesterday we had such a fun time celebrating Thanksgiving. My parents, Susan's family (including her MIL), and Chris' brother's family all came out for the afternoon. The kids were amazing and played non-stop the entire time. Chris and I were commenting afterward how much adult talking time we were able to get considering we had 7 kids running around. :)

A quadruple game of Solitaire...

The weather was great and made it so the kids could eat outside at their own table. I won't lie and tell you that our table inside was much more conducive to conversation with this arrangement! :)

Favorite Thanksgiving Foods:
Chris: Stuffing
Cameron: Stuffing, rolls
Kendall: Stuffing
Kelly: Sweet Potato Casserole, cake

Sidenote: Sadly, I think that my favorite Pumpkin Crunch Cake probably made it's last appearance. While I still adore it (as does my SIL), the general consensus seems to be that it is "too sweet". Considering the labor it requires, I'm just not sure it's quite worth it. Ahhh...we had a good run.

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Anonymous said...

It was SUCH a wonderful day!!! You had everything planned so well. And as I look out the window right now at the cold, rainy weather, I am so thankful it wasn't yesterday. It would've been a whole different scene, me thinks. :)