Saturday, November 1, 2014


*More often than not, Cameron gets up well before Kendall each morning. Lately he's really enjoyed reading my blog while he waits for her to wake.

*I love this pic from earlier in the week. It was, "dress in your favorite sports team" day at school. Chris loved that it happened to land on a World Series game day. :) Sidenote: Chris' beard has gone bye-bye. He was growing it until the World Series was over (some superstition thing). I must admit that it did grow on me...but I still like him better without. :)

*Last night was such fun with the kids. I just love taking them trick-or-treating and seeing how excited they get. This is a pic from another day as they were more bundled up last night because of the weather change.

*Here we are at a "candy break". 3-4 times throughout our time, we stop and let the kids take a break by eating a piece of their loot. :)

*Tonight my parents are coming over to watch all five kids while Chris and I as well as my sister and her husband go out to eat. We are going to an early dinner and then heading back home to have dessert with my parents and the kids. I made this recipe, altering it a bit by frosting it with whipped cream rather than the recipe's frosting (I'm not a butter cream fan).

*Chris found a show that we both like! This is quite rare. :) It's called, Battleground and it's a fake-documentary (like The Office) following a campaign staff of a woman running for senate. 

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Jessica said...

Love the Harry Potter costume, so cute!

Where are you guys going for dinner? Cheesecake Factory? :)

That dessert looks a little intense!