Wednesday, November 12, 2014

long weekend

This past weekend was extended thanks to a day off from school and us taking off an additional day. :) Saturday started out at Chris' grandmother's home to help with her estate sale.

I don't think our kids would have lasted the whole day had it not been for their cousins. :)

Cameron was kept occupied by several road Atlas books he found in the pile of old books. These kept him quite busy for a large portion of the time. :)

On Sunday the guys golfed and Chris' mom treated Rebekah and I to pedicures. :) That night was SUCH a fun night and I got zero pictures. :( We had a bonfire with everyone, including our good friends Matt and Jana (and their kids).

Monday was a day my kids had been talking about non-stop even before our weekend. We all went to John's Incredible Pizza. All four cousins adore this place and it was highlight for me to see them have such a great time. 

The buffet was actually quite good and had a lot of variety (way more than Chuck E Cheese).

Our weekends up north are never void of yummy food. After arriving Friday night, we ate dinner which included a really, really tasty quinoa salad. Here is the recipe

The second yummy item came on the way home. Chris' brother had told me about a really good iced coffee he had recently tried. I NEVER in million years would have stopped at this place, but it was literally the best iced coffee I've had to date (and I've tried a lot of places). It's from a Vietnamese restaurant called Lee's Sandwiches. Fortunately there is not one near our house because I would be going far too much.  But if you are ever in the Riverside area (or there are other locations), you really must try it!

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Jessica said...

I've yet to take my kids to Johns Incredible Pizza. I'm thinking Christmas break might be a great time. Are the games and rides expensive?

I'm curious what made that coffee so perfect for you.

That quinoa salad looks yummy!