Wednesday, November 5, 2014

color of rain

*Yesterday I subbed at the high school so Chris did drop off/pick up. I was missing picking up Kendall since she is always extra chatter-box'ish after school, so I had Chris text me a pic :)

*A friend of mine told me about a great recipe for spaghetti squash. I made it last night and we all really liked it! Instead of infusing the sauce with jalapeno, I used minced garlic.

*I worked at the high school again today and had a ton of down time (either because of the teacher's prep period or study hall for the kids). I ended up reading almost half of, The Color of Rain. It's a heavy read (making me tear up a couple times) so normally I wouldn't devote so much time to it at one sitting, but it was all I brought! It's REALLY good.

*Yesterday my sister, mom and I took the kids to tour our local Christian radio station, KSGN. They also recorded the Pledge of Allegiance (the radio plays a recording of local kids each morning). The kids loved being recorded and it was such fun hearing them this morning on the radio.

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Anonymous said...

The KSGN thing was so fun. And it was so fun to hear them on the air the next morning. Chris said Kendall and Cameron were giggling too much to hear all of it as they drove. HA!