Sunday, November 16, 2014

dumb and dumber to

*I tried the Starbucks Chestnut Praline Latte on Friday. Holy cow. That is one yummy drink. However with my soy upgrade, my Tall was $4.75. Really, Starbucks?? Ugh.

*Today Chris went to see Dumb and Dumber To with his brother. They had seen the original a long time ago and it still ranks near the top of their favorite movie list.

*While Chris was at the movie, we went hiking with my sister, her kids, and my parents. It was a tad chilly, but still a beautiful day for a hike.

*Normally I make myself wait longer to start listening to Christmas music, but two radio stations have already started playing it. Why not?!! It sure puts me in a good mood. :)

*We are mid-way through Live, Die, Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow and are really liking it.

*I'm turning in my application tomorrow to hopefully sub at the kids' school. I'm not feeling the, "we are desperate for subs" vibe (like we were told at orientation) from my district. The jobs I've gotten have been the result of my orchestrating rather than them calling me. Plus, subbing at my kids' school will somewhat help the pick-up/drop-off stuff we have to figure out when I sub (since right now the schools I do get release later than their school).

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Anonymous said...

What a fun hike today! I almost felt guilty knowing that 2/3 of the country is shivering under ice and snow.