Thursday, October 30, 2014


*I finally started substitute teaching this week! I had 4th graders one day and high school the next. I must say that it feels good to have somewhat of a "plan" for at least a couple days when the kids are in school (I'm just sticking to two days a week).  I'm hoping to be able to map out those days in advance so I'll know my schedule ahead of time.

A few thoughts on my 2-day career in subbing:
1. I had between 32-36 students in my 4th grade class throughout the day. What the??? HOW DO TEACHERS DO THAT???
2. Cussing to many high school kids is as common as the word "the". I can tell it happens even when the teacher IS there, so it's not a battle I'm willing to fight since I'm only there one day
3. 4th grade kids are better at technology than I am (these kids all had their own laptops)
4. I'm DEAD when I get home. I'm assuming this will change as I get more used to my days
5. Recess is glorious. Lunch is glorious

*Last night was a BIG night in our house since the Giants won the World Series. All four of us expressed sadness, however, that it also meant the end of our, "World Series Parties". The kids have LOVED spreading out a sheet and eating dinner while watching the games.

*I heard there was a slight chance of rain tomorrow night. I really, really hope it doesn't rain. We are all looking forward to trick-or-treating.

*Yesterday my sister gave me a new healthy snack bar she had made. I brought it home and gave the kids a bite. They loved it and so did I. She used strawberries instead of rasberries.


Jessica said...

Cussing at school... Lame! Sad that seems to be the norm for them. Teaching used to leave me WIPED, so I can understand you being tired!

Those bars look really yummy!

Happy about the Giants over here too.

I only see rain forecast for Saturday, not Friday.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and I hear that you had "fancy dinners" on game nights--and that Kendall was disconcerted when you were going to sub one of those days because you might be too tired to make the "fancy dinner." :o)

Teresa DiMillo said...

Yay for subbing again, boo for disrespectful teenagers! I'm glad Chris' team won, how exciting! It's been a looong time since Todd's team won the World Series (1988). Those bars looked super yummy, I need to look into new snacks for lunches. My kids eat pretty much the same thing everyday :( boring!