Saturday, October 4, 2014

orange chicken

*Yesterday we went to a different library to check out the latest Harry Potter book. I had it on hold at several so he was SUPER excited to have a copy come available. This library lets you renew up to 9 times. This will come in quite handy considering this fourth book is over 700 pages!! We got started before we even left the library. :)

*This morning the kids took part in a 1K race. Their cousins also ran and they had a GREAT time. Cameron was a little nervous when he saw all the kids, but he was such a champ and both kids said they wanted to do another one. It was SUCH fun to see them running!!!

*Later in the day I dropped the kids off at my sister's and went to Costco. They had a coupon for one of our dinner favorites, Orange Chicken. I bought two boxes!!! It's such an easy, yummy dinner.

*Since the Giants playoff game wasn't broadcast on regular network TV this afternoon, Chris had to resort to watching it on an App he found he could download to my Kindle. :)

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Anonymous said...

The race was such fun! Look at the background on that pic of Cameron running. Do you live in a beautiful place or what!???