Friday, October 17, 2014


*Wednesday was Chris' 35th birthday.   The kids and I had donuts and homemade cards waiting for him in the morning. I had picked out a new hat for him. I did pretty well in choosing...but not quite well enough. At least he had something fun to open. :) He and I are going out to celebrate in a couple of weeks. He really wants to see Fury, which I think looks excellent as well.

In the afternoon my family drove out to celebrate. :) We had a great time beforehand carving pumpkins (the kids lost interest pretty quickly).

During dinner we asked him several "birthday questions". My sweet five year old niece, Sierra, asked the best question of the night, "Have you ever seen a crab?" :)

*Yesterday we had an orthodontist consult for Cameron. Good news (pocket book-wise)! We can wait another year before we need to consider them again! :)

*My "fall resolution" is to make more soups. I NEVER make soup. I like it and will often order it at a restaurant, but never make it here. So my goal is to find ones that both Chris and the kids like. I think pairing it with some yummy bread would increase my odds.

*It is HARD for me to find a TV series that I enjoy enough to stick with. I'm extremely picky (which is funny since I do like those cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies). Lately I've been enjoying Once Upon a Time...but we'll see. :)


Anonymous said...

You might try "Foyle's War" on Netflix. If you watched about the first 3 episodes, you would probably get into the characters and want to watch more. I really like it. It's so interesting to see what life was like in England during WW II.

Jessica said...

I love soup, I have a ton of good recipes. Now if only I could get my kids to like it...