Tuesday, October 7, 2014

mitt romney

*We have some friends who always have a huge variety of cereal stocked in their pantry. Recently we had the idea of having a, "cereal for dinner" night. It was such fun for the kids (and Chris and I) to sample a few different kinds. My friend introduced the kids to a super decadent combo: Golden Grahams topped with mini marshmallows served in chocolate milk! Yes, they were fans. :)

Sidenote: The kids did not go swimming, however Kendall insisted on wearing her swimsuit which doubled as a gymnastics outfit. They have some kids gymnastics equipment in their living room that she loves to play on.

*Today I accompanied Kendall's class on a field trip to Oak Glen. She was very excited to have me sit on the bus with her. :)

*Last night Chris was gone and so I was on the hunt for something to watch. I ended up with a documentary on Mitt Romney. It was fascinating.  I've never been super into politics, however I found the family dynamic that went along with running for president (as well as all that goes into the campaign) really interesting.

*I got my latest issue of Food Network Magazine in the mail today. Want to guess what the favorite Halloween candy is? Snickers.


Jessica said...

Snickers is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Awwww, is that Kendall's first field trip?

Teresa DiMillo said...

I know whose house you were at with the gymnastics equipment! I love snickers too!