Tuesday, October 14, 2014

our weekend in two parts

This past weekend I went away with my mom and sister to a church campout. We had such a wonderful time together.  Our site was down in San Clemente, right over the water. A few highlights:

*Talking, talking, and more talking with my mom and sister
*Getting to know other women from our church, especially ones from my past. Several of the women I had known my entire life, however when you are a kid, you really have no interest in adults only in that they are the mom/dad of your friends. :) It was neat to actually TALK to them, adult to adult. :)
*Having my food prepared for me all weekend!!!
*Walking to the pier with my sister and meeting my mom and a few of her good friends for lunch. I asked each of the women to go around and tell my sister and I a couple of good/wise parenting decisions they made when their kids were teens. It was sooo neat to hear their responses.

While I was gone, Chris took the kids up north to his parents' for the weekend. They had a great time too!

It was Chris' brother's 20th high school reunion, so they busted out the old Letterman jackets. :)

Saturday morning was an annual parade. Chris and Cam went early to save seats.

After the parade they headed to a pumpkin patch we've gone to every year. 

Love this shot!

I must add one more highlight to my camping weekend, which is that when I arrived home on Sunday, I had an entire night and morning to myself since the kids didn't get home until Monday afternoon. While I was ready to see them, I must admit that getting 10 hours of sleep and waking up to nothing but lying in bed and watching TV was glorious. :)

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Teresa DiMillo said...

So the camping trip sounds like a total success! How special to spend that time with your mom and sister. I LOVE being with older women and picking their brains for advice. They are so wise. I must say, to be home all alone sounds amazing, yet lonely, yet totally AMAZING!