Thursday, October 2, 2014


*On Tuesday my sister and I joined my mom in her drive to the airport to pick up my dad. He had been in Ethiopia and Uganda the past couple of weeks on a missions trip. Susan brought a few of these energy balls she had recently made. I will definitely be making a batch because they were very yummy.

*While we were gone to the airport, the dads and cousins got together. Dinner was at In & Out. Cameron was very excited to conquer his first Double Double. :)

*Kendall came home yesterday from her dance elective with the assignment to practice cartwheels. I tried to show her how to do some but quickly realized they are hard to teach! Hmmm...we'll keep working...take a look.

*Last night was a Giants playoff game. Chris had been very excited so we planned a baseball party. We've done this before and it merely consists of some fun food for dinner with us all eating in the living room. The kids think it's quite special.

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Anonymous said...

Here's a "how to do a cartwheel" video that has some good pointers (like make sure your push off is powerful enough, which way to point your body, etc.)