Saturday, September 27, 2014

free museum

*My substitute orientation went as expected...pretty uneventful. :) It will still be a couple of weeks until I'm processed. They seem to be in pretty desperate need of subs, so I should have no trouble getting jobs. :)

*Last night my mom had all five cousins over for a sleepover (my dad is in Uganda so this was by herself!!). Chris and I had some money left on a Claim Jumper gift card so we took advantage of our free night. I have not had the Motherload in probably 10 years. We got a slice and dropped a hunk off at my sister's since she is an equal chocolate lover. We both agreed that it was yummy, but so is a chocolate cake made from a box...and you can bake an entire one for less than one slice of the Motherload.

*Last night I was on the hunt for something to do today. I came across a free family day at the Children's Discovery Museum of the Desert. So after picking up the kids at my mom's, we headed out. First we made a lunch stop, of course, at Costco. :)

When we first arrived to the museum, we weren't sure we would last long. It was very, very, very crowded. Cameron and Kendall skipped several exhibits simply because of the number of kids. However we stumbled upon a few activities that kept them quite happy and we ended up having a really nice time (definitely worth the free admission!)

*Has anyone seen any of the Buzzfeed vidoes? I've seen a couple and they have been super funny. This one about weird things couples do on dates is SOOO funny. Chris and I totally laughed at the "no dessert for us....the frozen yogurt" part. :)

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Jessica said...

Glad you guys went out last night, does the motherload cake really taste like box mix???

I thought that museum was closed for the month? Was anything different?