Saturday, September 13, 2014

hula hoop

*A long time ago I tried making homemade pancake syrup. Two batches later I ended with hard, crystallized sugar. I decided to try again and used the recipe my sister suggested. It is SOO easy and SOO good. I don't think I'll ever buy syrup again. :)

*We went to a birthday party the other day and I attempted the hula hoop. I lasted about 10 seconds. How on earth did we do that as kids for extended periods of time?? Here is the unflattering picture my friend captured. :)

*Last night my family got together for dinner. During dinner, the kids asked my dad questions about his trip to Ethiopia (he leaves tonight). We also had a prayer time where the kids said the sweetest prayers. 

*A while back a friend of Chris' posted a pic of some new food at Disneyland. It's a bread cone stuffed with macaroni and cheese, topped with bacon. Can you imagine?? :) Wow.

*A couple years ago we joined the CA Edison energy saving program. Basically on hot days when there is a lot of use, they can shut our air off. It used to just be 2-3 hours. It's now stretched to over four hours and we are rethinking the whole thing. We were supposed to have my family over last night but had to cancel because we knew it would most likely shut off (which it did) and would be miserable.  Ugh.


Jessica said...

I was no good at the hula hooping either!!

Four hours?? Yuck! That's a long time to be without air.

How neat that your dad is going to Ethiopia.

Teresa DiMillo said...

I WILL have 4 minutes down by Trent's birthday party! I need that macaroni cone in my life