Monday, September 8, 2014

phish food

*I'm amazed at how quickly I run out of things to pack for the kids' school snack each day. Cam requested a break from my oat balls (oats + banana + peanut butter), so I wanted to find something new. I had some quinoa stashed in the freezer and found a recipe for some banana bread that used quinoa. It's really good! It's much more dense than regular banana bread, but the kids gobbled it up today at school. :) Here is the recipe (I swapped choc chips for the coconut).

*The kids' school offers electives. Kendall will be taking dance starting next week and I'm SOOO excited!! She is cautiously excited. :)

*Yesterday we let the kids pick out some ice cream as a treat for a movie we rented. They chose Ben & Jerry's Phish Food. I only allowed myself a couple bites as that stuff is like drinking straight cream. :) But those two bites were amazing! Wow.

*Occasionally I'll put together a mailer for my dad. Kendall actually loves helping by peeling and handing me the stamps, labels, etc.  It really does make the job go faster!

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Ana said...

That bread is SO good! I made it earlier this week according to the recipe and adding mini chocolate chips. YUM! Mia, Jeremy and I loved it!