Tuesday, September 23, 2014

pumpkin spice

*Several weeks ago Chris purchased something that we both said was the best $7 he had spent in a long time. It was a U.S. Road Atlas for Cam. It was right before a trip up to Fresno and Cameron looked at that thing almost the whole way. He still never likes to be without it in the car. :)

*Much of my food prep energies are spent on school snack foods for the kids. I also spend a lot of time prepping Chris' snack stuff. Yes, he could get his own snacks, but he likes help in eating healthy so I enjoy coming up with things he will eat. You see, his idea of a snack does not include something like a chick pea peanut butter cookie. :) Here are few I have in rotation:

--1/2 a tortilla spread with hummus and wrapped around a piece of string cheese
--Almonds and raisins
--Cut up fruit with almonds sprinkled on top
--Cottage cheese with pears
--Crackers or apples with peanut butter

*This past weekend I forgot to mention where Cam slept. Our room had the most enormous shower I have ever seen. It made for a perfect "bedroom" for Cam (thanks to an Aerobed). :)

*I have never jumped on the pumpkin bandwagon when it comes to coffee. I know the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks is quite the "thing", but blech. :) Pumpkin baked goods like muffins and cookies (or my favorite cake in the whole world)? Yes, please.


Jessica said...

For once I'm with you all the way on the coffee thing, I even posted a Fb status on it last week and tons of people agreed. I don't understand the hype, those things are gross. Now, pumpkin baked goods, I can happily chow those :)

Anonymous said...

Tell Cam to bring his atlas Friday night to the Cousin Sleepover. I LOVE maps too!!