Thursday, September 4, 2014


*13 hours of hard work and Cam is done with the Lego Parisian Restaurant! Holy cow is this thing cool. Even as an adult I am in awe of all the amazing details. :)

*It's always been fun to read up on the new shows that come out each fall. However now that we don't have cable, it's really not that big of a deal. We do have the basic channels (CBS, NBC, etc.), however to watch something on them would involve watching it live each week. And who watches things live anymore??? Ha!! :)

*Our earthquake two nights ago (3.4, centered about 20 minutes away) gave our kids quite a jolt. It was the first one they had ever felt. Last night Kendall asked, "Mom, do earthquakes come every minute or every night?"

*Chris teaching Kendall how to spray weeds:

*When we were gone over the weekend, our neighbor took care of Cam's fish, Eric. How thoughtful was it when she took a pic of Eric and texted it to Chris on Cam's birthday??? And what a cute App she found to put that hat on him!

*I made this recipe for homemade taquitos last night. They were okay. I tried to be a tad healthier with the corn tortillas, but they were much harder to roll up than the recipe stated (corn breaks so easily). And let's be honest, flour tortillas just taste better. But I'm determined to find another recipe because they are much less messy for the kids than burritos.


Anonymous said...

Oh, man! That Parisian Restaurant is amazing! I can't wait to ouu and ahhh over it in person. Cam's the man!

There was an earthquake? Really?

Jessica said...

That's a huge Lego set, how awesome!

Do any of the new shows sound promising?

Anonymous said...

That fish picture is THE BEST IN THE WEST. What a thoughtful neighbor!!!! And creative!! - Sister Su