Sunday, September 14, 2014


Church was followed today by a trip to Rancho Cucamonga. After a stop at Costco for some lunch and a few groceries, we headed to The Bass Pro Shop, It was really busy as I'm sure everyone was trying to escape the heat.

Afterward we headed over to Ontario Mills where it was even more busy. We weren't there long...just long enough for a Lego Store visit. :)

We were dreading our arrival home as we weren't sure what the status of our air conditioning would be. I ended up canceling our participation in the summer energy savings program with Edison, but they told us it might take a couple days to go through. 

Luckily we were good to go and are now enjoying being inside again during the hottest part of the day. I was also glad because I needed to do some school snack prep and knew there was no way I would be using the oven if we didn't have air!

I recently saw a recipe for some peanut butter cookies (using chickpeas).  These are tasty enough that I would eat just the straight dough! Despite the rolling of eyes I know I would get from Chris (assuming he would even try them!!), you CAN'T taste the chickpeas. :)


Teresa DiMillo said...

I tried that recipe, it was a disaster. I'm horrible at duplicating things like this. I'll have to sample yours :)

Anonymous said...

I've heard so many people talking about the long length of time their air conditioners are off for the Edison program. Wow. I wonder why it changed so much this year.