Saturday, September 6, 2014

christmas time at costco

*Yesterday after school the kids and I went to Barnes and Noble. We had Cam's birthday coupon for a free treat from the cafe.

*I think stores and restaurants do themselves a disservice when they offer only amounts of $25+ with their giftcards in grocery stores. Today I went to Staters and my budget for a gift was $15. I was so limited in what I could buy and wondered why they don't do smaller amounts.

*This morning we went to a lofthouse build at our church. The houses are assembled to a certain point, then will later be driven down to Mexico and completed. The kids really enjoyed hammering.

*Later we took a trip out to the desert as it had been several weeks. Costco is all the more fun now with the addition of the Christmas toy section. The samples were quite impressive as well. :)

*Chris and I have been watching The Manhattan Project on Hulu. It's pretty good and makes me want to read more about the actual events surrounding it.


Jessica said...

So you've enjoyed The Manhattan Project? Glad :) it's definitely been a recent favorite for both Matt and I.

I'm not ready for Christmas to be in stores!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, I love seeing them hammering and knowing it's going to be a house for a family that doesn't have one.