Thursday, September 18, 2014


*On Tuesday Chris' aunt Noonie and her partner, Deb, came for a visit and Chris introduced them to Angus McCurdy's (in Yucaipa). They both agreed the hamburgers lived up to the rave reviews Chris had given them. :)

*I think I've officially joined the, "Homework is my least favorite part of the day" club. :) Rather then explaining things to him, the hardest part is simply making him re-write what he has already done. He tends to rush through things and gets pretty sloppy. He is NOT a fan of re-writing....which means neither am I. :)

*As cold weather approaches, I've been searching for an insulated mug that REALLY keeps my drink hot. I have never found one that does it to my satisfaction. I like my coffee/hot chocolate scalding hot, and no mug has ever kept it even close. This one seems pretty promising considering you plug it in to your car and it has a thermometer! :)

*The past two Tuesdays I've gone to Bootcamp with Chris after we've dropped the kids off at school. Wow. Wow. Wow. Despite working out other times of the week at home, his workouts still make me incredibly sore. I like being able to do something like that together, but I find myself questioning whether it's worth a week's sore muscles just for one workout (and I'm NOT up for more than one bootcamp a week!). I'm amazed he does it as often as he does!

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Anonymous said...

Is that even GOOD for your muscles--to push them soreness once a week??? :)