Friday, September 26, 2014

harry potter

*A friend of mine told me about a recipe for Korean Beef. I tried it the other night. Chris gave it a 9! Cam loved it, I loved it, and Kendall was so-so :)  It is SO easy and the ingredients are typically ones you always have on hand. This will definitely be a repeat!

*A few days ago Cam and I finished the 3rd Harry Potter book. Last night we watched the movie. It was cute how into it he was. :) Eating his dinner while watching:

*Since we were occupied with the movie, Chris and Kendall had a date of their own out to dinner.

*This morning I have an orientation at our school district for substitute teachers. I'm hoping to do a couple days a week. It has been 12 years since I've subbed. Hopefully kids aren't too different...


Anonymous said...

Interested to know how the sub meeting went this morning.

Teresa DiMillo said...

Subbing would be perfect! How did it go?