Saturday, December 27, 2014

christmas break

*This past week I've been working on a mailing project for my dad. Kendall always loves to help me. This time we watched some TV while we worked. I introduced her to Saved By the Bell. She LOVES it! I only show the older episodes and skip the ones about girlfriend/boyfriend stuff, but they have become quite a hit :)

*Christmas morning we opened stockings, had breakfast (our traditional Land of Nod), then let the kids open their present. Kendall got a huge craft supplies barrel and Cameron a 500 piece marble maze set. However after nearly four hours and constant hands on help from Chris, we all three decided the "8+" age on the front was not accurate at all. :(

So it was decided that the marble maze will be returned and instead we purchased what should have been purchased in the first place...Legos. :)

 *Back to Christmas Day, we started off at a park and then ended at our house for presents and lunch. It was a fun and relaxing day. :)

*Monday we head up to my in-laws for what the kids are calling, "Christmas #2". We are really looking forward to going, although a little bummed because it's supposed to snow here on Wednesday and I know the kids would be sooo excited. Hopefully it will happen again this season. :)

p.s. I mentioned before that we had been reading Unwrapping the Greatest Gift, which I really wasn't a huge fan of. My mom ended up giving me a different Advent book that we liked MUCH better. Each day we read about a different name for Jesus, then the kids chose one of the enclosed ornaments to hang on the tree.

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