Sunday, January 4, 2015

christmas #2

Our "2nd Christmas" concluded a few days ago and we had a wonderful time with Chris' family. Here were some fun parts...

*Fun time with cousins and lots of it. :) Here the kids are all working on their new Lego sets.

Dress up time :)

Grandma teaching the kids a new card game. :)

 *Cam loves his cousins on both sides, but I think sometimes he needs a little male time. :) Craig must have challenged him to 20 games of Solitaire while we were there. Cam loved every single minute. :)

 *Highlights of our trips are always the bonfires. Since it was VERY cold, we decided to do it during the day. We also had our friends, Matt and Jana, and their kids join us. They are pretty much an extension of the family :)

*Pictures I didn't get:
-opening presents
-relaxing pedicures Chris' mom treated Rebekah and I to
-bowling with the whole family
-lots of incredibly delicious food

*For some reason the kids have tomorrow off from school, so we have one more fun day until reality sets in. :)


Jana said...

I love the picture of Cam and Tommy! A great time was had by all in my family!

Anonymous said...

Fun, fun, and more fun!!!