Wednesday, January 21, 2015


*Good news! Cam did MUCH better yesterday at Taekwando! He and Kendall even earned their white belt and were so excited. Chris took them and said he could tell Cam made a big effort to focus. We are so proud! :)

*I've been doing a better job of meal planning/prepping the past couple weeks. I've made a few things over the weekend so I can have them on hand when I sub. Last night we had turkey chili that was really good. The recipe had me puree the beans, which really helped my two non-bean eaters (Chris and Cam). :) I made a few changes (I detailed on my Pin), but I think this is a definite repeat. :)

*I'm saving The Bachelor this week for Chris to watch with me tonight. Jimmy Kimmel hosts, so I know he'll enjoy it more. I love watching it with Chris because he makes the funniest comments throughout, but sadly he usually won't even step near the room when I'm watching. Ha! :)

*I've been watching several health documentaries on Netflix. The common theme seems to be to stay away from meat and dairy. Meat I can obviously get on board with (me, anyway...I don't impose it on the family). I don't, however, think I could ever give up dairy.

*I had a gift card to Kohl's and decided to splurge on a pair of shoes. I bought this pair of Skechers  made with memory foam. They are SO comfortable and awesome to wear on days I'm on my feet subbing. Well worth the money!


Jessica said...

I loved your shoes. Super cute.

Honestly, I don't know if I'd take a documentary to be 100% true. They can be so slanted. I feel like I believe science articles much more.

Anonymous said...

Sketchers rule for comfort!!!

I'm so so happy to hear about Cameron's focus at Tae Kwon Do!!