Tuesday, January 6, 2015

hiking and the spiralizer

Yesterday we decided to have some last vacation fun and went on a Palm Springs hike that a friend of mine had recommended. The kids had a blast and I couldn't believe how into it Cam was. I had to keep yelling for him to stop and wait for us as he was practically running up the mountain. :) The weather was perfect and you can see how much they enjoyed it in this quick video...

Cam was super disappointed when we reached our stopping point because he wanted to keep going. I had not packed enough water for that nor did I think Kendall could go much further. Hopefully we'll make it back there soon (especially since he has asked when we will return about 20 times!)

Afterward they were excited to use their McDonald's Christmas giftcards for a Happy Meal lunch. Thanks, Grandma W.!

Last night I tried something new for dinner, zucchini "pasta" (using the Spiralizer I got for Christmas).  Chris said it was, "much better than I had thought it would be". What I love about it was how super duper easy it was! I couldn't believe it! Plus you don't have to cook the "pasta". You spend 30 seconds making it and you are done! I will be using it a lot!!! Sidenote: I did not attempt it with the kids. They'll be next. :) 

Here is a pic of what the noddles looked like. I wouldn't recommend the sauce I tried, but you get the idea of what the pasta looks like. :)


Jessica said...

I have one of those things to make zoodles and have yet to use it! Looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

Okay. I'm interested in seeing that spiralizer up close and personal.