Saturday, January 10, 2015


*Yesterday my mom, sister, and I met for breakfast. I had planned on running a few errands afterward before school pick-up. However, by the time we looked at our watches, we had been talking for nearly three hours! I'm not sure why this is the first time we have done this seeing as Susan is only here for a year!! :)

*We recently got a promotional postcard for a new Karate place just down the road. We decided to try it since the commitment was just for a month. The kids really liked it and I LOVED it for Cameron. The two main goals I would have for him would be 1. Gain self confidence 2. Learn how to not become emotional when addressed in a stern manner  (as in the firm, strict way the Karate teachers handle kids). Both of these were addressed in just this first class, which was awesome. I think we'll just stick to the month for Kendall, but hopefully we can make it work long term for Cam (and hopefully he likes it enough to be open to it).

*Today we celebrated Sierra's (my niece) birthday at the park. The kids ran around non-stop except for the short time they sat still for lunch. :)

*Chris' cousin sent him this picture I hadn't seen from our time in Reno last summer. What a fun, summer pic of my little girl!

*A local bakery has a cake of the month and for some reason, this month's cake looks amazing despite it containing nuts and not being chocolate! I might have to go get myself a piece.

-white cake with caramel pecan cream cheese frosting-

Sidenote: They actually made our wedding cake so I know their cakes are wonderful!!


Jessica said...

Cute post! How have you and your sister not done that a ton?? I so wish I could hang out with family like that :)

That cake looks yummy, and I'm not even much of a cake person.

Anonymous said...

Well, that morning breakfast was the highlight of MY week--that's for sure! :)

I'm optimistic about the Tae Kwon Do turning out to be a good thing for Cam too.


Susan said...

That cake does not look yummy to me. =) There's no chocolate!! Love that cousin/bday picture!