Tuesday, January 13, 2015


*Over the weekend Chris saw a post on FB about a model train show in Anaheim. After church on Sunday, we decided  to make the drive. We only stayed a little while, but it was a fun outing on a rainy day. :)

*I think Cam was the most taken with the show. Kendall enjoyed it, but was more interested in what we had planned afterward, which was dinner at Chris' brother's house. Rebekah had a homemade pizza station for dinner and it was really yummy. She used Trader Joe's pizza crusts. I have had friends tell me how easy and yummy they are. After the other night, I'm ready to buy some!

*Some interesting questions Cameron has posed while in the car lately:

1. Is Mount Everest taller than a tornado?
2. What if there was no sky?
3. How does your body know that it is married so it's okay to have a baby? 

*I'm watching The Bachelor this season. I'm SOO ready to move past these first few weeks of super dumb and cheesy dates (tractors and zombies??). :) 


Anonymous said...

Oh, I think I'd enjoy that model train exhibit too. Just looking at all the little villages and people and scenery would be worth it for me.

Susan said...

Oh I love that third question - TOO funny!