Sunday, January 25, 2015

star wars

*Friday night we had one of my nieces spend the night. I let them go into the donut shop in their PJ's in the morning and they were quite excited. :)

*Today was a big day for Cam. He and Chris hosted a Star Wars pizza party for some friends from church. Cam LOVED it!

Cam created a "menu" for the afternoon including things like, "Anakin apples" and, "Skywalker Salad".

The boys all brought their Lightsabers to "battle". After the party ended we overheard Cam telling the neighborhood boys, "You guys, we had an EPIC battle. There were 12 year old boys and a 14 year old boy! It was AWESOME!!" As a mom who, in the back of her mind, always worries about the friendship factor for my little guy, I LOVED hearing this. :)

*Kendall and I stayed away for the afternoon to let them have their time. After a nice lunch with my parents, we ran a few errands, including a stop at Starbucks. I sacrificially used my giftcard on an overpriced cake pop ;) But just look at this could she not be worth it?? So cute :)

*I got my first issue of Rachel Ray in the mail this past week (Christmas present). I made this recipe for homemade granola. I think it's super yummy. I'm planning on mixing it with the kids' Cheerios as a way to get some almonds in them (neither are big nut fans). I figure it's a good way to ease them into it since I'm not positive they'll love it by itself like I do.

*I've decided go through all the seasons of Gilmore Girls. I've seen many of the episodes, but not the entire series. I love the witty dialogue, the mother/daughter relationship, and the cute small town setting. :)


Jessica said...

How cute with the party. We've never showed star wars to our kids, I wonder if Ethan would like it. I've never really watched them through myself, I tend to loose interest with movies like that.

Alayna is thrilled by those cake pops too... They are as much as my iced coffee! Lol

Susan said...

I love his Star Wars party!! So fun - glad you all did that.

Anonymous said...

A Star Wars party complete with light saber war--what a great thing to do with all the BOYS!!!