Friday, January 16, 2015

yoga pants

*Yesterday morning I spilled hot chocolate on my laptop. I think it's done. What a lame'o I am. :(

*Cameron has been into Pokeman cards for a while now. It's so cute to see how excited he gets with his friends "battling" and trading all the time. Kendall recently got into the game as well and they love to do their Pokeman thing. :)

*Karate (actually it's Tae Kwan Do) was yesterday. It went okay...but I had a truckload of mother guilt last night. Cam does not goof off at all, however he really struggles in paying attention. The moves he does are delayed a few seconds from the rest of the class simply because his mind is elsewhere. I talked to him about it after class. Although I was extremely gentle and kind in my words and tone of voice, it still brought him to tears. Not sure why I felt the need to say something RIGHT after class. And this was only his second class, for gosh sakes! Ugh. Keep your mouth shut, Kelly. :(

*I subbed a half day yesterday. I love half days because I feel like I don't miss anything since I still get to pick up the kids. :)

*I know I said I was going to take December off from working didn't really happen. What DID happen was taking December and every day since then off. And I'll be completely honest, I don't have definite plans to go back soon. I guess I'm waiting for the motivation to return. :)

I just laughed when I saw this. Most moms (I'm guilty too) wear yoga pants to drop the kids off at school :)

*I like to have a show that I can watch if Chris has to work or wants to watch sports at night. I tend to start a show, watch several episodes, then quit for various reasons (usually it's too unrealistic or gets too dirty). I don't have any shows now, so I decided to try a documentary. We'll see how I like "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" :) Sidenote: Yes, Bachelor is super dumb and unrealistic. I guess that is my one exception. :) However in my defense, I end up fast forwarding half the show to get through said super dumb parts. :)


Jessica said...

LOL, I was just telling some mom's at school the other day that the only reason I throw on my workout clothes for dropoff is because then it's acceptable to look trashy, haha. I haven't worked out in months either! I come home, put Everett down for his nap and then shower.

It's kinda funny to me that you always loose interest in shows. So there are currently NONE on TV right now that you like?

Anonymous said...

So you might have missed the perfect moment to mention the paying attention thing to're a great mom and you can't get every little thing right. And who knows? Maybe it WAS a good time.

Teresa DiMillo said...

On the subject of your mom guilt for talking to Cam right after class, I have discovered, instead of critiquing Taelyn on what she needs to improve on in dance, which is the most natural reaction for this super critical mom, I just tell her how much I LOVE to watch her dance and how happy it makes me when I see her doing well and paying attention and doing what the teacher tells her. It makes it positive and makes her WANT to do better and pay attention. It took me about a year of putting myself on a time out in the lobby and NOT watching her, for me to come to this epiphany. You are an amazing mom don't get down on yourself. I've said much, much worse. I'm surprised Taelyn even continued to dance after how critical I was in the beginning. It's a learning process for all.

Are you over Parebthood? This last season is Sooooooo good!

Kelly said...

Teresa-we are slow going through Parenthood as Chris isn't the biggest fan, but will watch with me in small increments. Ha! Such great advice on addressing the "attention" doing it in a praising manner for the small amount he DID do. Thanks!! It is almost too stressful for me to watch sometimes because I want to yell, "Pay attention, Cameron!!" every five minutes!! :)