Monday, January 19, 2015

good on the hiking talk

Today the kids had the day off from school. We decided to go back to the hike we enjoyed so much a few weeks ago.
The views were incredible.

Cam booked it up the mountain again, but I was quite impressed with how well Kendall did. There were just a few complaints regarding the steepness as we went along. :)

Cam REALLY had his heart set on continuing higher than we did last time, so at one point I went on further with him for a while before backtracking back down . Chris and Kendall headed down, but stopped along the way and made us a cute little rock sign. Cam just loved stumbling upon it a while later. :)

I gave Cam our hiking book when we got back so he could look up info on the hike we completed. He is now VERY into planning our next hike. He talks about where we'll go, how many hours it will take, the difficulty level, etc. Finally I had to put an end to the talking with, "I think I'm a little talked out on hiking for now, Cam". :) He obliged but not before planning when we would next pick up the conversation. :)


Anonymous said...

Man, those are INCREDIBLE views!!! Would I be able to do it?
Who took the picture of the 4 of you?

Jessica said...

Those pictures look beautiful!! So glad we told you about that hike :) I would love to do the whole thing, it would be fun to take just the big boys and do that, huh?

Susan said...

SUCH a pretty hike!!!