Saturday, November 14, 2015


7: Days until I'm allowing myself to dive into Christmas music. Next Saturday we'll be heading up north for an early Thanksgiving, so I figure that will be a great time. Hopefully I can hold off. :)

5: Christmas presents I've bought so far from my list.

4: Tortillas I bought the other day from Cafe Rio. They are the BEST in the world, so Chris and I will sometimes purchase just the tortillas and make our own burritos at home.

5: Time my eyes popped open this morning. Ugh. I even went to bed late last night (10:00!!!) so was hoping to sleep a little later. :(

2: Number of the best buddies in the world. I just adore these two. Yesterday Cam played hooky from sparring class and we decided to take a walk up to a Redbox so they could rent Inside Out.

30: Pounds of chicken we BBQ'd, chopped, and froze yesterday. This should last well into the new year!

4.5: Hours it took to finish above BBQ from start to finish. Well worth it.

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Jessica said...

I had café Rio today... So yummy!

5 hours of Bbqing, wow! What are some of your favorite ways to use it?

I've been waking up earlier too ever since the time change, it's irritating!